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Odo makes wealth growth more safe, achievable, and fun than ever before.



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Loss-Protected Investing for all

If you’re afraid to invest because you might lose money, you’re not alone.

Odo has partnered with one of the top investment banks in the world to bring the same, safer ways to invest that the wealthy use... to you.

Challenges Help
Us Grow

Are you down for a little friendly competition? Odo challenges are designed to make your finances (finally!) fun.

Earn feel-good rewards for contributing to your own wealth through investing money, meeting goals, completing challenges, and supporting your community.

Making Finances Social

Money doesn’t have to be a lonely experience.

With Odo you can follow your friends, support their goals, cheer them on, and more!

Together, We Grow

Have you ever wanted an easier way to support your friends? Contribute to their goals? Now you can!

Odo is the place communities go to grow wealth together.

Decision-Free Investing

Trying to understand all of the ways to invest is exhausting.

Picking stocks can feel like a rigged game.

Odo's investment bank partner offers one of the safest, "low volatility" ways to grow money out there, and it's available to the public only through Odo.

No research required.

We’ve been made to feel like investing is something that only the 1% can afford to do, but that’s not true.

Now you can grow wealth safely, too. Join Odo as an early adopter today.
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Take it from them.

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"Odo is beyond brilliant, I encourage every one to try Odo."


"It's fun because you can share goals with friends and honestly save more because of the accountability, making it a great social money app. Most importantly, I can trust Odo to invest my money well. They had a process of verifying me as a user so I knew my personal information would be safe. They have great partners and founders that know what they're doing. I think you should download Odo because you'll be sorry you didn't get it sooner if you don't. "


"I loved the community based goal setting. It makes me more accountable."


"The community makes a big difference. And it's probably one of the main reasons I log in."


"The founders videos y'all did were very helpful also. Just to know that I am not the only one that feels behind in my financial goals. Fun way to grow your money."


"I've been trying to learn how to invest for the future but safely. Odo's mission fit what I had been looking for."