We're on a mission to close the weath gap.

And have fun doing it.

There are two ways to partner with Odo:

Engage your financial community here.
Share the wealth with us.
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We’re driven by our values

We want to partner with brands and people who believe:

Money shouldn’t be scary or taboo.
Community is essential for growth.
All Americans deserve access to the strength of the American economy.
Time is a resource not everyone has; no one should be prevented from growing wealth because they lack time to learn.
Alignment between the privileged and underprivileged is how we make progress.

Where we go one,
we go all.

We know that the wealth gap is getting larger and millions of people are falling behind because they fear loss, experience decision-fatigue, or don’t have enough disposable income.

At Odo, we believe that no one should be prevented from growing their wealth because they lack the time necessary to understand the complicated system that is investing or because they don’t earn six figures.

It is our mission to empower all people to create a brighter financial future for themselves by making investing more simple and safe than ever, while making money and finance a fun, fulfilling experience.

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